Our Plant Based Classes

We are dedicated to healing our communities through plant based nutrition education and increased fresh food access. 

Whether you are just trying to learn how to incorporate a few more fruits and vegetables or you’re looking to improve your health, we have a course for you !

Call us at 414-436-4922 to schedule your class today! 


Traveling Classes & Cooking Demos

No matter where you are in Milwaukee County, we will bring our nutrition classes to you. We conduct plant based nutrition classes, cooking demos and workshops all over town.

We meet with groups of 5 or more and there is no age limit on who can attend. Contact us today to find out how to bring one of our traveling classes/cooking demos to you.  

Call us at 414-436-4922 to schedule your class or demo today!  Let’s get cookin!

Nutritional Health Courses

Our plant based nutrition courses are designed to address the health disparities that result from living in food desert communities with limited access to fresh food. We work with your health care provider to ensure that you are medically supervised while we work through our programs. 

If you are suffering from health issues and would like to try a plant based approach to a healthier lifestyle we may be able to be help. 

Call us today at 414-436-4922 to see which one of our programs is right for you. 

Nutrition Coaching

If you are looking for a personal, 1-on-1 program nutrition coaching might be great fit.  Working with our nutritional coaches allows you to get a more personalized experience with more benefits than a traditional class room course. 

Give us a call today 414-436-4922 to see if nutritional coaching is right for you.  

Medical Referrals

Our patient referral process starts with an individual session at assess the health of the patient. We begin with a medical history, nutrition assessment, any current medications or supplements and lifestyle. Based on what we find, we customize a plant based, low fat, whole food plan to fit that patient’s individual  needs and begin working to help them achieve their health goals. 

Our areas of focus specifically address health disparities that exist within food desert communities and are as follows:

  • Weight Management
  • Food Addiction
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Diabetes Management
  • Hyper-tention
  • Prenatal & Postpartum Nutrition
  • Skin Problems
  • Malnourishment
  • Food Addiction

If you have patients that you believe would benefit from our programs, send us an email at refferals@pickfresh.org or call us at 414-436-4922

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