Pick Fresh Delivery makes online grocery shopping and delivery fast and easy.


Pick Fresh Delivery is our future membership based grocery delivery service solution to removing the barriers to food accessibility that millions of people living in food deserts face every day.



Our pilot membership based online grocery delivery service- Pick Fresh Delivery, will ensure that individuals living in food deserts will be able to make online grocery purchases that are delivered directly to their doors; even if they are utilizing EBT benefits. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living within food desert communities. We want to offset the impacts of food deserts by improving health outcomes, creating easy access to healthier food and elevating communities through economic development.  Our online grocery store is a full circle solution to the challenges millions of Americans face every day due to living in food deserts. We make buying fresh food and groceries easy & accessible no matter who you are or where you live.

Soon you will be able to order the best of seasonal farm fresh food, great local finds, quick meal solutions, incredible new products and all of your favorite grocery brands without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s supermarket delivery and so much more!

Pick Fresh Delivery will help you save money, will provide convenient delivery windows that work around your schedule and support & up lift communities the communities we serve. We’ve thought of everything to make grocery home delivery simple and enjoyable. We’re a grocery delivery service you can trust to deliver the highest-quality products and bring them directly to your door.

How It Will Work

The Process


Become A Member

The first step is to become a member!  We will have 3 membership levels to choose from to suite your needs.

You can choice from a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly membership.

Your membership will include :

  • Access To Our Exclusive Members Only Grocery Store
  • Your Delivery Fee(s)
  • Your Healthy Recipes
  • Our Newsletter

Place Your Order

Next you place your order!  Select from our large variety of fresh produce and grocery items with the comfort of knowing that we have picked the best in season and local products to ensure that your food is the highest quality possible.

We accept all of the following payment methods:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • EBT  Card

Select Your Delivery Date

Finally, you’ll select your delivery date.  Once, you’ve selected your date our delivery system will notify you of the time frames you can expect your order within.  Its that easy!  Your delivery driver will show up at your door with your groceries and a smile.

Not Tech Savvy? We've Got You Covered!

If computers are not your friend and frustrate you, don’t worry!  We will provide live customer service representatives to assist you with setting up your membership and taking your orders.  Access to fresh food should be easy and we do what we can to make that possible. 

Our Farmers

Our farmers are an essential part of the Pick Fresh Delivery family!  They grow our food, feed our families and produce the best food in the world. 

We will support local farmers and suppliers to get the best in-season picks, local goods,  and your favorite brands delivered to your home. 

By working with local producers we are sustaining local agriculture and are able to keep our cost down because we have eliminated all of the middle men.   Its a win-win for everyone and are so proud to do it. 

Our Distribution Center



We are looking to acquire a 1,500 square foot warehouse to use as our distribution center.   

Our state of the art facility will be where all of our produce and grocery items are housed.  This is where your orders will be put assembled and distributed.

With different temperature zones throughout we can ensure that your food will be delivered to you at its peak of freshness and more flavorful than what you’d find at traditional grocery stores.

Once your order is ready, it will leave our distribution center and be on its way to you just in time for dinner!

Order Online with No Limitations

Paying online may be convenient for those using credit or debit cards but it hasn’t always been available for everyone.  For those paying with EBT benefits online payment options were not an option.

Our online platform will process your payment no matter how you are paying for your groceries. We are removing the barriers to access that many people face on a daily basis.  Getting access to good food should be easy and we make that possible.

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • EBT Cards

If you are paying with EBT benefits we will process your card on your delivery day at the time we deliver your order.  Our hand held EBT processing devices will process your payments just like the grocery store.  Just swipe your card, enter your pin ( which we will NEVER ask you for), hit enter and you’re done!  Its just that simple.


Delivery With A Smile! 

Our team members are here to create a concierge service for our members.  They will assemble your order and drop it off at your door with a smile.

Just select your preferred time and date and we will have one of our amazing team members delivery your fresh food directly to your home. 

It is our pleasure to serve you because we appreciate you allowing us to take care of you.

Healthy  Recipes

If you live in a food desert you have a higher likelihood of experiencing health issues due to lack of access to healthier fresh food options. Unfortantely processed, high-fat and unhealthy food products are the norm.  Understanding this we are doing what we can to help change that by helping out in the kitchen.

Whenever one of our members places an order, our AI system will identify items shopped for and will email healthy recipes to them based on those items to show them healthy suggestions with those grocery items. 

Our hope is that we can help improve the health of people living in food deserts may face.  We are changing the way people in food deserts eat one order and meal at a time.

Hiring From The Communites We Serve 

We plan to hire our team members from the communities we service. Living in a food desert for many means that you live in a under served and low income communities. 

Our goal is to ensure we are giving back and elevating to the community by creating economic development within food desert communities.  Our team members will be hired from within the communities that we are serving.  Not only will our members feel they are being taken care of but our team members will know that by working for us they are showing the rest of the world what investment into under resourced communities can really look like. 

We will provide a living wage that our team members can take home to their families and be proud of. 

Black Seeds Program

Upon launching our pilot we intend to work with over 20 merchants including Black farmers who will be part of our “Black Seeds” CSA program.

Farms run by African Americans make up less than 2 percent of all of the nation’s farms today, down from 14 percent in 1920, because of decades of racial violence and unfair lending and land ownership policies.

Many  of these practices still impact Black Farmers today!   Our goal with our Black Seeds Program is to help support those farmers to sustain their farms and continue their legacy of farming for their families. 

So everytime you purchase an item from one of our designated Black Seed farmers you will know that you are not only getting delicious organic produce but you are also supporting a farmer who is striving to overcome the same policies that created food deserts and effected the people within them. 

We are focused on working with those  producers closest to us. When we support local, everyone benefits.

100% Organic and Non-GMO

 Wherever possible, we intend to work with producers who have organic and non GMO produce and products.  We will to offer the highest level of quality food to our members in the way nature intended. 

For us, that means seeking out those producers who produce the best of whatever they grow/produce  and bringing them into the fold of the Pick Fresh Delivery Farmer family.  

We will bring you them best every order, every time!

Everyone Deserves Access To Nutritious Fresh Food And At Pick Fresh Delivery We Make That Possible!


– Sacha Simmons, CEO

There Is Not A Single Thing You Need To Do To Deserve Food. You Deserve Food Because You Are A Human Being.


– Tommyinboots