Pick Fresh Delivery is the easiest way to shop for food. We’ve hired top food experts, built the perfect environment for the food and found the shortest distance from farms and vendors to your table. We have all the irresistibly fresh foods you could want, plus popular grocery brands, all for less than you might be paying now. And we bring it right to your door.We will support local farmers and suppliers to get the best in-season picks, local goods, and your favorite brands delivered to your home.
We source directly from the farmers and producers who grow and make the food we offer, so we know it’s of the highest quality for our clients. It goes straight to our new, state-of-the-art facility, which is built for the optimal care of food. Our staff of expert produce specialists, and more, ensures you get food that’s consistently at its best. So it goes from the field to your door in just a few days, meaning less handling by middlemen, more money for producers, and it arrives fresher to you.

For all press, public relations and media related inquiries, please email info@pickfreshdelivery.com.

Our priority is making sure everything is perfect, which is why we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like something you received, we’ll credit you.


NO! You will not find alcohol of any kind on our platform.
Community Table is an exclusive program at Pick Fresh Delivery that thanks and rewards our most loyal residential customers. community’s Table members enjoy special food demos, and invitations to community events the Pick Fresh Delivery will do to promote healthy eating. savings and benefits that make shopping at Pick Fresh Delivery even faster and easier: preferred delivery access, dedicated service specialists, exclusive discounts, and much more.
Just place 12 orders or spend an average of $500 or more each calendar month during any 3-month period (excluding Gift Card purchases). We’ll automatically enroll new members at the beginning of each month.
As a Community’s Table member, your account will be periodically evaluated to determine your eligibility. Members who do not order at least once during any given 3-month period are subject to removal from the program. In addition, you may also be removed from the program for failing to maintain the minimum order frequency or purchase total that’s required for program eligibility. Before removing community’s Table members from the program, Pick Fresh Delivery will encourage an increase in order activity.


24 hours after you receive your first DeliveryPass order, you’ll be granted exclusive access to our Reserve Delivery Time feature – you’ll find it under the truck icon at the top of our site. You can reserve your regular standing weekly time slot up to a week before or until two days before the delivery date. When you make a reservation, we’ll let you know when you need to get your order in by – you’ll need to complete the checkout process before it expires. If you don’t, you’ll risk losing your reservation, and it will be released if you don’t use it for one week.
Let’s talk moolah. Every time you refer an eligible friend or family member who places their first Pick Fresh Delivery order using the invitation link you sent, you’ll receive a credit. Cha-ching! The best part is that there’s no limit to how many credits you can accumulate, so the more you refer, the more you make. Double cha-ching! All credits will automatically be added to your next order. Credits do not expire.
When you spread the love your family and friends will receive a credit for their first residential order. To activate the promotion, your referee must sign up using the invitation link you sent them through our tool. The promotion is applied automatically at checkout, but won’t be activated if an order was delivered to the same address within the past six months. It must be used the first time the referee creates an account with us. For complete Terms & Conditions, see our refer a friend page. Happy referring!

We’re always looking for people to join our team! Email us your resume and cover letter at joinourteam@pickfreshdelivery.com to apply for open positions.


Pick Fresh Delivery’s mission is to eliminate food insecurity within food apartheid/food desert communities. One of the ways we do this is to support local farmers and vendors who produce our food through our online platform. We connect farmers and vendors to our customers and allow the vendor to describe the process they use to produce or prepare their products. We want to you to understand where your food comes from and allow you to make that decision based on your preferences.
Pick Fresh Delivery drivers do not rely on tips. But you may choose to give an optional gratuity to your delivery driver in cash. Or, you can add a tip for the Pick Fresh Delivery team with your credit card after you checkout, look for the “add tip” option at the top of the order confirmation page.
The day of week was determined by your zip code and the day you placed your order. Orders placed on Sunday and Monday will be delivered on Fridays and orders placed at the latest on Tuesday will be delivered on Saturdays. Typically, we only deliver one or two days out of the week. Not every da. Typically, your order will arrive in mid-to-late afternoon. We are not able to provide precise arrival times. However, you will be given a time frame or window that will indicate what time you can expect your order. As our driver gets closer to your home you will receive an email and text message to let you know your order is in route.
Pick Fresh Delivery will use necessary means, including but not limited to insulated packaging, cold packs (“ice packs”), pre-chilled containers, and packing temperature-compatible items in the same tote, to ensure your products arrive at the address that you specified for your order at safe temperatures for the food contained in your order at the time of delivery.

Pick Fresh Delivery is a year-round grocery store and delivery service that sources a variety of farmer and vendor products. While produce will be seasonal, we expect more and more of our farmers to have fruits and vegetables into the winter time as they construct new greenhouses and increase the amount they’re planting. 

If you do not receive a product or are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the product you’ve received, please let us know at info@pickfreshdelivery.com.


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