About Us

We are a passionate group of healthy eating advocates who believe that access to healthy fresh food is a human right that should be afforded to everyone no matter their economic status, geographic location or ethnic background. We are committed to ensuring that everyone has easy access to fresh food and are dedicated to eliminating any barriers to access that families and individuals may face.


Our Founder

Our founder, Sacha Simmons has always had a passion for feeding people. She’s so passionate about it, that she worked for grocery stores, volunteered at food pantries & food banks, and has coordinated with local religious organizations, non-profits and food pantries to distribute food to those in need.

After Covid -19 hit, Sacha Simmons found herself in a very difficult situation. She had lost her massage business due to the pandemic, decided to move across country back to her home town of Milwaukee to live with family who lived in a food desert, she lost of her vehicle the day she moved back home and she was unable to work for 6 months due to a back injury.  When it rains it pours!

During that time, she made the very difficult decision to begin to receive EBT benefits to sustain herself (she was used to giving help but rarely asked help herself).

While receiving those EBT benefits she noticed something…food delivery services  that offered online, rarely allowed EBT benefits to be used.

She could use EBT at the corner store but that was all processed food and she wanted FRESH produce and healthier food options.

If she wanted fresh food,  she would have to walk to the grocery store and bring back what she could carry or would have to arrange a ride with a family member . If that wasn’t an option, then she was on the bus for at least an 30 minutes each way to get to the store.

In her frustration it started to dawn on her that if this was her experience, what were others living in food deserts experiencing?

  • How was the mom with children getting enough food home to feed everyone?
  • How were the elders in the community getting safely back and forth to the store ?
  • What did disabled people do to get their groceries?

Recognizing this to be a major problem,  Sacha decided she would do something about it and Pick Fresh Delivery was born.