Grocery Redlining Devastates Already Underserved Communities

Grocery stores in Milwaukee used to be fixtures in the neighborhood, but over the past 50 years with the migration of stores to suburban areas, as they followed their more “affluent customers” who were moving out of the city, their presence became less and less.

This decision to pull out of urban areas had devastating effects on these communities and major grocers were and still are aware of the impacts their decisions to pull out of urban communities had on them.

In fact, in a 2015 Associated Press analysis, it was found that “major grocers overwhelmingly avoid America’s food desert areas instead of trying to turn a profit in high poverty areas.”

Now, urban area does not automatically mean “food desert ” but when resources like grocery stores are taken from urban areas; they then become food deserts.

When asked about major grocers failure to address the food desert situation, Forbes columnist Talia Ralph said “Its disappointing.” “But from a purely economic perspective, it makes all the sense in the world: these companies are beholden to their stockholders, not…the low-income residents in desperate need of fresh food.”

What are people supposed to do?

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