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Food Desert Facts

Food Deserts & Their Impacts Did you know that there are 13 food deserts in Milwaukee County. That means that over 124,000 people don’t have easy access to fresh fruit and veggies from a grocery store or farmer’s market. They are city wide and range from the Northside to the Southside of the city.The big

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Food Deserts Are Food Apartheid

Even before the advent of COVID-19, food insecurity had been a challenge for the 23 million Americans living within “food deserts”. Unfortunately for the now growing population, the pandemic exacerbate the problem. The common yet incorrect term, “food deserts” has been used to describe low-income, predominately Black and Brown communities that have challenges and barriers

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Grocery Redlining Devastates Already Underserved Communities

Grocery stores in Milwaukee used to be fixtures in the neighborhood, but over the past 50 years with the migration of stores to suburban areas, as they followed their more “affluent customers” who were moving out of the city, their presence became less and less. This decision to pull out of urban areas had devastating

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